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2. English is spoken by million people around the world. million people speak English as a first language, and million speak it as a second language. Fun Facts about the English Language · Shakespeare added over new words and expressions to English · English used to have grammatical gender · The English. Here are 10 Fun facts about the English language · 1. Hundreds of new words are added to the English language every year. · 2. “E” is everywhere! · 3. “The. In this increasingly interconnected world, English serves as a symbol of globalization and a vital tool for international communication and. People often call English the international language of business, and it's increasingly true as international trade expands every year, bringing new countries.

English language learning will allow you to communicate effectively with people from all over the world, making travelling a lot easier and helping you to learn. English is a West Germanic language that descended from Anglo-Frisian dialects introduced to Britain by three Germanic tribes, the Angles, the Saxons, and the. Although English was spoken widely on the British Isles by 1, AD, the Norman invasion established French as the language of royals and of power. Old English. 2. English is the dominant business language and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global. Overview of English Speaking Countries · India · Pakistan · Singapore · Philippines · Sri Lanka · Malaysia. Africa: South Africa; Nigeria; Cameroon; Kenya. ENGLISH LANGUAGEENGLISH LANGUAGE. The English language [1] has its origins in about the fifth century a.d., when tribes from the continent, the Jutes. English is a West Germanic language that originated from Ingvaeonic languages brought to Britain in the mid-5th to 7th centuries AD by Anglo-Saxon migrants. Phonetics, phonology, and prosodics. This area of study concerns the auditory side of speech in the English language; in other words, what does it sound like? Articles on English language · How the Welsh language is being promoted to help migrants feel at home · Why somepeopletalkveryfast and others · English.

English is everywhere nowadays! It's the go-to language for business, technology, science, and even entertainment. With over billion English speakers. English takes its place as one of the world's predominant forms of communication with its influences extending over as much as +2 billion people globally. English is a language—originally the language of the people of England. Today, English is the main language of the United Kingdom, Ireland. English language courses in the United States range from beginner level for those who have never studied the language, to advanced courses for students. The English language is of Old Germanic origin, with many influences from other languages including French, Latin and Old Norse. It is a part of the Indo-. English language degrees provide graduates with excellent communication skills, critical thinking, time management and organisation skills. All of these are. In general, English language history is split into three sections: Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Whilst linguists and scholars do hotly. Further, English has become the global language of science and technology and the main language of computers. A great appeal of English as an international. The periods of development of the English language are called Old English (or Anglo-Saxon), Middle English, and Modern English. Old English was spoken from.

English is a Germanic language. Long ago, people spoke a Proto-Indo-European tongue, splitting into groups: Latin, Greek, and German. The Germanic language. 1. Over 2 billion people speak English as a first or second language, it means one out of 4 people can speak English! It makes English the largest language by. Specific Characteristics · 1. Fairly easy to learn. English is one of the easiest and simplest natural languages in the world. · 2. Latin alphabet. The English. Native English-speakers intuitively know what order to put words in, but this is hard to teach to those learning the language. The difference between the right.

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